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Coffee Roaster

The Vanguard of Excellence

We are coffee experts, hand roasting our beans in the Farm-to-Fork capital of California. Bewley’s North America operates five brands, in partnership with best-in-class restaurants, food-service companies, and national distributors. With over 2,000 US partners, you’ll find Java City, ecoGrounds, JCX Coffee, Grumpy Mule, and Double Black at your favorite cafes, universities, and on-line retailers. Or, explore our brand sites and find our exceptional coffees in your home.


Ethically sourced and exceptionally smooth coffee.

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Coffee house quality - now convenient

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Authentic energy and bold flavor.

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The world’s most distinctive coffee. With a kick.

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180 Years of Innovation

In 1835 Charles and Samuel Bewley dared to break the East India Trading Company’s tea monopoly and chartered the first clipper ship from Canton, China to Dublin, Ireland—a nation that hadn’t yet developed a taste for tea. True risk takers and taste makers, the Bewley family expanded into coffee, opening our world-famous Grafton Street café in 1927. 

Adventure is in Our DNA

 In North America we were the first to develop a fully sustainable coffee program with ecogrounds™, the first to remove high fructose corn syrup from our recipes, and the only to create nationally distributed Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate sauces. 

Our heritage is knowing what the consumer wants before they ask for it. Wherever you need coffee to take your business, we will get you there.


Buying certified green coffee is easy, but being green is more than buying a label and sticking it on our beans. Our long-standing partnerships with Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA are a small piece of our sustainability strategy. 

Sustainability is a systemic way of doing business that minimizes our environmental impact, adds value through the entire supply chain, and ensures that future generations of coffee farmers, roasters, and baristas thrive.

We are pioneers in responsible consumption. Our priorities are traceable and include certified sourcing, clean ingredients, and zero waste—from roots to rooftop.


Cultivating The Future

Cultivating coffee’s future

Climate change is real, and so is its effect on the coffee industry. For every pound of green coffee we buy, half a cent goes to funding research that will grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it. Our livelihood depend on the success of coffee farms around the world. Learn more here 

Burlap Donations

Waste Diversion

Burlap Donations

Green coffee is shipped in burlap sacks. We donate our bags to the Sacramento Zoo for animal bedding and chimpanzee peek-a-boo games.


Energy Reduction

Facilities –  Energy Conservation

LED lights are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, but sunlight is better than both. That’s why we installed skylights in our roastery and cut our energy usage in half.  We apply this common-sense approach to all of our operations, understanding that what’s good for the planet is also good for our bottom line.

Aldea Global

Thriving Communities

Sustaining Coffee Communities

We work closely with our farming partners to produce exceptional coffee and willingly pay a premium for quality. For our direct trade partners, we include funds for community development projects, such as building schools and fresh water wells in Nicaragua.  

Refreshing Communities

Clean Water

Clean Water

Our partnership with the Hans R. Neumann Foundation brought fresh water to 500 coffee farming families in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. With water at home, families are healthier, and girls spend more years in school.

Your Business is Our Business

Navigating the coffee business requires expert guides. Rely on our generations of globe trotters to pinpoint the best program for your coffee needs. The Bewley’s North America wholesale crew includes award winning barista trainers, industry leading roasters, project managers, operations consultants, and even a coffee farmer or two. We voyaged the uncharted waters so you can enjoy smooth sailing.


If you are a current wholesale partner, please visit our partner portal to access online ordering and our suite of online resources.

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We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in serving our products.

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